A Miss Africa model is said to have been heard rowing with a man before she was stabbed to death at her London flat

Linah Keza, 29, had a police panic alarm installed at her flat in Leyton, east London, where she was killed in front of her three-year-old daughter on Wednesday morning.

Miss Keza’s former boyfriend, named locally as club promoter David Kikawa, 38, was later arrested on suspicion of murder after handing himself in to police and remains in custody.

Friends say there had been months of rowing between the on-off couple who were well known on London's African party scene.
Last night, the Metropolitan Police alerted the Independent Police Complaints Commission over fears it could have done more to protect the victim.

Miss Keza's daughter Holly was discovered crying beside her body as the attacker rushed out of her home.

Officers were called to her home at 4.30am on Wednesday by neighbours who heard screaming and thumping.

They discovered the pastor’s daughter had been viciously attacked.

One neighbour described how he was confronted by the killer when he broke down the front door of the Rwanda-born model’s flat.
He said: ‘I was outside and I heard some shouting and screaming and I ran to the door. A woman was saying,“Kick the door in”, so I did and came face to face with  the guy.

‘I could see the woman, there was lots of blood and she was lying half in the bedroom and half out. The little girl was next to her.

‘I asked the man what he was doing and told him if he wanted to fight someone, he should fight me.

He went as if to fight me but he just ran out of the building. I tried to help the woman but there was no pulse. The little girl was just standing there, it looked like she was in shock.’

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